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Fanola Botugen Hair Ritual Gift Set

The professional programme to re-construct brittle and damaged hair. This specially designed range targets the hair's cortex and reconstructs damaged hair from the inside, strengthening the cuticle and making it compact and elastic, plumping up brittle and damaged hair. The Botugen Maintenance Kit is a take home kit which includes the Botugen Shampoo, Mask and Filler Spray to use on a weekly basis. This range between 4 & 6.5 on the pH scale opens and closes down the cuticle making the hair look and feel much healthier and stronger. The result is a smoother hair shaft that has shine and volume. Recommended for bleached, brittle and damaged hair. This is the best way to ensure your treatment lasts longer and continues to strengthen your hair. Includes: 1x Botugen Shampoo 300ml 1x Botugen Mask 300ml 1x Botugen Filler Spray 150ml