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Joico dry shampoo

Take a backseat in your haircare routine and let JOICO Weekend Hair Dry Shampoo do all the heavy lifting. Enjoy the bounce and radiance of your weekend blowout without extra time and effort, achieving a look that’s put-together for longer. The dry shampoo helps to lock in hair colour for a truer, more intense finish that’s less likely to fade.

Enriched with ingredients that absorb oil and offer each strand added volume, your locks will have a freshly washed feel that’s always incredibly soft. Rice Starch, a powder that lifts strands and keeps greasiness at bay, works at your roots without leaving hair with a dusty texture. Added Bentone Clay not only helps with oiliness, but ensures your dry shampoo applies evenly in a fine mist to avoid patchiness. Finished with a fresh fragrance, you’ll be able to feel clean and revitalised all throughout the day.