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Revlon Re/start Colour Anti-brassiness purple drops 50ml

Revlon re/start colour - anti-brassiness purple drops anti-red stitch beauty drops. Concentrated purple pigment for tinted blonde and against brass tones. The drops neutralise and enhance the hair colour. For even better results with the complete re/start colour range. How to use: press the button on the bottom of the tube to dispense individual drops. The number of drops required depends on the shade and whether the product is mixed with shampoo, conditioner or mask. Rinse thoroughly after massaging. Wash hands after use. Dermatologically tested. Kerabiotic + Oxy Guard for coloured and lightened hair, a combination of a skin care ingredient with the Oxi Guard system: a powerful antioxidant, the acai fruit extract, along with an anti-fading agent, a porosity balance and protective ingredients ensure a long-lasting colour. The Revlon re/Start Colour series consists of: protectivemicellar shampoo protectivemelting conditioner colour protection jelly mask 1 minute protective colour mist anti brassiness purple drops protective gentle cleanser.